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FASHION: Alexander Wang for Brooklyn ?

In the latest news...
Alexander Wang has some of the fashion elite in sort of an uproar. 

Wang has decided to have his New York Fashion Week show in... Brooklyn. Yes you heard it right.. BROOKLYN. I can honestly understand the kvetching about traveling to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for Wangs show.

Industry professionals say there aren't many designers with enough stature if you will... to bring the fashion industry elite schlepping across the East River except Wang and Marc Jacobs of course.

“It’s the biggest show in New York, so we’re all going to be covering it — we’re just going to be pissed,” said fashion photographer Hunter Flynn Abrams, who covers the event for his own fashion photography site.
Despite the rapid growth and development that has made in the recent years, Brooklyn is still somewhat a foreign land for the high-powered audience of magazine editors and stylist attending these Fashion Week events.

“I don’t even go over to Brooklyn to visit my good friend,” said fashion stylist and consultant Ann Caruso, who worked at Vogue for six years before starting her own company.

The borough has hosted it's own unaffiliated fashion week for the past six years; which has been greatly ignored by major corporate sponsors and top magazines.

Overall I would say that having a show in Brooklyn during Fashion Week apposite to Manhattan just isn't the smartest move. Schedules during fashion week are very congested and a lot of times you have to miss one show to make another but to travel to Brooklyn in between and back back you are going to have to miss 2-5 shows with travel and show time in account. Not one of the smartest choices in my opinion.

Wang do better!

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