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FASHION: mahna mahna Closet Tour Event

To say the least I was VERY IMPRESSED

A brief over view of what "mahna mahna" is: a professional studio service, which you may have heard of the popular internet studio service Rent The Runway-well mahna mahna is the same idea.

mahna mahna has partnered with NOLCHA this year, which is why they had this event. 

The tour was closed to the general public and invitation only.

Entering the suite to an open floor plan filled with some of the most breath taking fashion known to man, I was greeted and given a membership form. Hung up my coat. Walked in to a quaint nook off to the side of the showroom were they were service mimosas, sparkling water and hors d'oeuvres. The "fitting" area was set up as a seating area for the tour attendees.

Of course the event started fashionably late, but let's not confuse fashionably late with being late-there's a difference!

Two very professional and personable women went through a simple but informative "presentation" if you will, about the history of the company and how the New York studio works different their other studios. Ten minutes into the presentation the ladies decided that the only fair way to get a feel for the studio and see the amazing garments that they were able to acquire at their growing New York location was to have everyone get up and browse the showroom.

When I say the collection of current, vintage and rare pieces they have pulled together for their studio is so astonishingly amazing. They definitely have lots of pieces from gowns to belts that you can't find anywhere else from designers Azzaro to Vivienne Westwood and everyone in between.

One thing that I absolutely loved and stood out to me the most was that of course being that everything is there to be rented there is a set price for every item. But this location is willing to work with you on the pricing and try their best to accommodate your needs. Honestly that is one of the greatest things a company can do is to work with their clients needs, so that sold me on working with them in the future. That is what you call A+ service.

For up and coming stylist this may or may not be a great option for you because you do have to pay to use the pieces from their showroom but that can also be a great thing for you because you may not have seasoned relationships with high end designers to pull of some of the amazing looks that they are going for. So if you weigh out your options and you have a decent styling budget mahna mahna is definitely willing to work with your budget.

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