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FASHION: Blinged Out By India & Lactrodectus NY Fashion Week Show

Yesterday evening I attended the Blinged Out By India & Lactroductus show.

The show was at Stitch Bar in Manhattan, NY.
Red carpet was set to begin at 8PM but I did have another event to attend
that evening so I showed up right on time for the show to begin at 9PM.

Walking into the show it was a great environment, felt very cheery and 
happy unlike most fashion events which are a little stuffy to say the least.

As the models started to pour down the staircase and the "T-Shaped"
runway I was amazed at some of the detailing that I saw before my eyes.

There was a huge array of looks from, kids, urban, formal to athletic.
The seamstry was done well, but what I was really impressed with was
the crystal embellishing on a lot of the pieces, and the imprinting
on the leggings and T-shirts was gorgeous.

There were lots of press flashing lights throughout the event.
A very mixed group which was great to see.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and I would say that India will
do very well with her talent and skills.

Photos below from the show

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