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FASHION: Interview: Designer India of Blinged Out By India

What is exactly is 'Blinged Out By India' for those who may not understand the concept?

Blinged Out By India is, I would say an embellishing company, I put crystals on clothing, shoes, sneakers, motorcycles, cars, practically everything I can get my hands on. A little bit of everything. I also have an imprinting company. An imprinting company is where I would take a picture of anybody, lets say you would send me a picture I would put it on an item, which would be a mug, plate or jewelry box and add some embellishment there as well.

How did you start 'Blinged Out By India’?

I started in school, I went to F.I.T., started with a bag, made a bag and then ten thousand ideas came to mind. I started making bags and started making shirts, blinged out shirts. So in other words, somebody would send me their logo and I would do the logo in crystals.

Which design aspect of 'Blinged Out By India' do you love the most?

I would say the crystal [embellishing] (in a somewhat shy voice). You see how I say it right, with a guilt because I have so many clients that buy my stuff for imprinting, you know I say it with a guilt. i love the crystal aspect of it. I just love it. It's beautiful. When you put it on and the light hits it. I do my own stencils, so lets say i can make a stencil write ‘Happy’ and put crystals on it. At the same time if someone sends me a logo or they send me a portrait of a child, I can actually make  crystal photo out of it. Even through the stones are so small and it is so strenuous, when you fill it up you see it come to life. That's something that nothing else gives. You can’t get that no where.

How would you describe 'Lactrodectus’?

Lactrodectus stands for ‘the black widow’. Actually, my husband gave me that name. It's really funny, when we first met he said “You know what you remind me of?” I said “What?” He goes “You remind me of Lactrodectus.” I was like “What the heck is that?” He said “It's a black widow.” So now I’m like “Wait a minute your comparing me to a spider?” I was ready to end the relationship before it even began. And he was like “..because of the independency.” I was by myself for a long time, i was paralyzed, i still managed to work and take care of my kids. He goes “ can do it on your own you really don’t need anybody..” He was saying you don’t need a man to be successful, you can be successful by yourself. The black widow is a deadly spider, she’s independent she doesn’t need anybody or any man spider to do anything. I kept the name because the way it was described it reminds me, of me. It is. I've always done things on my own, with no help [from] anybody and i was happy with that. I was going to use ‘Black Widow’ but I like Lactrodectus much better.

I'm sure you're very excited about your first New York fashion week showing. What types of items will you be debuting during your showcase?

I will be having some urban wear, formal wear, casual wear, and sportswear. So I’m going to have a little bit of everything. 

Where would you like to see 'Blinged Out By India' this time next year?

I see it in stores. I see it in boutiques. I see it overseas. I see it strong and as the days go by it just gets better and better. So I see Blinged Out By India doing very well for the next year.

After speaking with India I have taken a new look at the craft for embellishing and that amount of work and dedication it takes. Doing this interview was an absolute pleasure for myself because I felt like I was speaking to someone i knew almost immediately. India was very open and forthcoming about her life throughout the interview which made me connect with her.

I will be covering her New York Fashion Week shows on Monday, Febuary 10th so stay tuned.

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