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LIFE LESSON: Give & Take

Today I was sitting on a NY train, I just so happened to be scrolling down my twitter timeline and saw a tweet that Tami Roman posted that instantly sent my mind spiraling with TONS of thoughts.

Are you a "giver"?

Or are you a "receiver"?

Through the years that I have been alive; not as many as most would give me credit for the amount of knowledge. But none the less I have experienced A LOT of love and pain. Sometime you just want someone to be there for you and sometime you just wants to be there for someone.

Life is all about give and take.

You always have to be willing to give and to take when it's needed.

Some people don't understand the balance between the two and only play for one team.

I've always been a giver because that's how I was raised, strong, independent and always willing to help others when they are in need. Others may not have been raised the way that I was which is why they take more than they give.

I like a lot of givers, am very hesitant to take anything when others are willing to offer it, even if it isn't something physical to the touch but just someone to talk to or listen.

Sometime people just need someone to listen to them. I'm that person to most. All of my friends and family see me as the one to go to when they need to talk because I am always willing. 

Others are only willing to speak and not listen when they are in need. I know lots of people like this. It's very sad that people can't understand the balance.

By no means am I saying that overnight you will be the perfectly balanced person but you have to take a look at your life and how you do things for an outsiders perspective, which is very hard to do. Once you see your life from an outsiders perspective you will be able to see where you may need to change a few things to be the best you that you can be.


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