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I have thought long and hard about the next thing I want to do and I figured why not just do for others what I do for my friends everyday... ADVICE.

Everyone needs it, whether you or anyone else wants to believe it, we all have something we want someone else input or outlook on.

I believe that I have a unique and diverse outlook on multiple different subject matters and those I don't I will gladly look up to help someone.

My advice isn't for everyone and my writing styles aren't for everyone, but those that I can help I am glad to do so.

Let me forewarn you this in NOT your mommas advice column. I am very upfront and truthful in my approach. I don't believe anyone benefits from sugar coating anything.
With that being said "Let the games begin!"

Future posts will be called "Dear Diary"

If you have a question, story, product or even a letter (etc.) you'd like to share you can email me at

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