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Pop Artist Carrie Lane Responds To Tragic Events With a New Anti-Bullying Song and Campaign

Jan. 5, 2015 - NEW YORK -- Don’t Stand By Stand Up was cowritten by Carrie Lane and Ron Geffen in response to  recent and devastating suicides in the news.  Carrie has always wanted to write a song about a cause that she really cares deeply about. The video was shot, edited, and directed by Carrie Lane and Alison Drew. The vision for the video concept came from asking teens to pick a name they had been called or stereotyped as by their peers. We asked everyone to wear their label physically by putting it on a shirt and then asked them to tear it up in order to symbolically and literally get rid of something that has been classifying them and putting them in a box for so long.

Don’t Stand By Stand Up encourages kids to speak out whether they are a victim of bullying or a bystander in a situation involving bullying. It is often something that children battle with internally and it needs to be stated that there is nothing to be ashamed and the silence needs to be broken.  The video is powerful and meant to invoke emotion, conversation and action.

About Carrie Lane

Carrie Lane is a rising star who sings, writes songs, creates video, models and enjoys connecting with her fans. She has been making music most of her life, hoping to inspire others to find their own voices.

Carrie’s home base is New York City where she creates music videos of original songs and covers. Recent titles include Found You and Nothin’ to Say, and covers of Really Don’t Care (Demi Lovato featuring Cher Lloyd), Welcome to New York (Taylor Swift) and I’m Not the Only One (Sam Smith). These highlight her incredible range of singing styles and personality. Carrie loves to tour with her band and recently traveled along with YouTube sensations Taylor Caniff and Sammy Wilkinson. After the tour, Carrie traveled to Nashville as a solo artist at the Goodtimes Fest. Carrie is also an accomplished model and is represented by MSA Models of New York.

Watch out for this rising star in early 2015 as she releases her first EP, Bows Before Bros. Stay tuned for LA and Phoenix tour dates as well as a new single and video written and shot in Nashville. As always, stay connected with Carrie through, Twitter (CarrieLaneMusic), YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Click here to view the video.

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