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LIFE LESSON: Who Are You Living For?

Throughout the years we are always taught to follow our dreams and goals. We live in a world of give and take so most think that is not always possible.

Family&Friends: Sometimes your family can either be your biggest supporter or your biggest obstacle. I've always tried my best to please the people I have in my life. Setting my aspirations around others lives. It is not something that can happen overnight but you have to realize that you have to live for yourself.

It may sound selfish but at the end of the day your all you have. No one can make your dreams come true except you! A lot of people won't understand this until it happens to them... because I was once one of those people.

I have a small group of friends that I can give me solid advice when I need it... Not many people are able to be complete objective and give advice without inputting their personal feelings or opinions. I have a very good understanding of reading people, which is why I normally do my own thing.

Your husband, wife, fiance, mother, father, sister or bother, are not YOU.

I am one of those people who hardly ever forgets ANYTHING.
There could be a pair of shoes in a store and I reluctantly decide not to buy them. A year later I will still picture those shoes when I find something that goes with them, regretting not buying them.

Now turn that perspective into something life changing... You are given a job opportunity that could be the beginning of a career you have always wanted. The only drawback is that you are taking a pay cut until you get promoted and it means you will have to relocate.

Everyone tells you that  its not a good choice think of what you will be losing. No one focuses on what you have the potential to gain. Your friends and family will not understand the steps that you want to take to build YOUR future.

I worked a day job and a night job for MONTHS to save up my money to move from NY to FL a few years ago. It was right after I left college. Moving into my very first apartment, 1500 miles away from my immediate family. It hurt! But I know I needed to do it for ME! I know if I stayed in NY I would have been to complacent not pushing myself. Moving to FL alone with financial help from NO ONE, I was fine in the beginning. After the first year I was on a sinking ship. I was spending money faster than I was making and and going down hill very quickly! Some of my extended family lives in Florida and was able to step in and save me from downing completely but needless to say I moved back to NY with my tail between my legs disappointed in myself. So I slept all day and partied all night for months..

Looking back on it I do not regret one second or decision I made! It helped me mature and grow beyond my age. It got me out of my wild 20's faze. Now being able to focus on my long term future.

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